About Tanis

Tanis is the one-stop industrial resource for all your brushing requirements.

Tanis Brush is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of industrial and utility brushes that help businesses improve quality and productivity. Our brushes are used for cleaning, sorting, painting, finishing and protecting equipment, machinery, parts and many other applications.

Since 1987, Tanis has been known for our vast selection of brush products, resourceful specialty design and engineering capabilities and exceptional customer service.

Vast Selection of Brush Products

Tanis focuses on specialty-manufactured industrial brushes to meet unique applications. We offer short production quantities on semiautomatic machines, or high-volume production on state-of-the-art automated equipment to meet varying volume demands and brush technologies. Our stock and standard brush types include:

Industries Served

Tanis brush serves customers worldwide including OEMs, manufacturing operations, production processes and maintenance operations in many industries such as:

Let Us Help You

Tanis’ experienced team will assist you to engineer, design and recommend the proper brush construction for your application. Contact us today.