Agriculture Brushes

The Tanis agricultural brush is used in many agricultural applications to improve yields and efficiencies in seeding operations, harvesting processes and landscape applications. Planting with precision is more important than ever with pressures to produce high yields, minimize waste and ensure more efficient production with minimal fuel consumption and carbon output. Specially designed brush applications help to gently move seed, harvest product or soil more efficiently and uniformly, providing proper orientation, separation and accurate gauging on flow metering and measuring.

Specially designed agricultural brushes like rotary and staple set brushes from Tanis are engineered to meet high-volume demand in seeding, soil sifting, harvesting, sorting, cleaning and finishing applications. Our assemblies are incorporated into equipment for sight gaps, vibration control, positioning, debris containment and air flow control. Our strip brushes are used in cab sealing applications for dirt and temperature control.

Tanis works with machinery design engineers worldwide to develop specific brush applications to meet rigorous performance guidelines to maximize agricultural productivity and yield. Tanis offers the optimal combination of functionality and ruggedness that equipment designers demand.


  • Harvesting and defoliating vegetables
  • Specific harvesting applications
  • Cleaning of trommel screens


  • Maintaining gentle handling and proper seed orientation and separation in metering assemblies
  • Crop handling
  • Positioning and transporting on conveyor lines


  • Dirt seals for air intake screens
  • Door and window seals for cabs
  • Site seals for tractor control consoles
  • Chain drive oil applicators


If you haven’t found what you need in our stock and standard brush offering, let us design a brush specifically for you.