Blanket Wash-Up Brushes - Industries

Tanis blanket wash brushes feature high density crimped black nylon filament, close wound for maximum density. Manufactured in Delafield, Wisconsin, these brushes are made to OEM specifications and ensure you will have superior performance and extended brush life.

We can also save you time and money with our rotary brush repair service. Send in your used blanket wash brushes and Tanis will repair and refill it, returning to you a brush that works like brand new, yet costs a lot less because we re-use the roller core. When we receive used rotary brushes we first inspect the core, then remove the used brush face and clean the shafts and hardware. We can repair the journal ends if needed, then a new brush is applied to the core and the finished product is promptly shipped back to you.

We manufacture wash-up brushes to OEM specs for:

  • Heidelberg sheetfed presses
  • Heidelberg web presses
  • Heidelberg-Harris web presses
  • Goss web presses
  • Baldwin, and many other blanket wash-up systems
Blanket Wash 01