Medical Brushes

With specialized knowledge in medical machining brushes and surgical instrument cleaning brushes, Tanis offers value-added service for medical device manufacturers of implants, orthopedic devices and surgical instruments.

Tanis provides micro abrasive disc, wheel, rotary and twisted brush designs to meet exacting standards of neurological, orthopedic, spinal fixation, soft tissue fixation, bone fixation, implant prototyping, implant production and micro/minimally invasive device applications. Surgical instrument cleaning brushes are used to clean endoscopes, as well as other instruments used in medical, dental and surgical procedures in hospitals, medical centers and veterinary clinics.

Our micro line of abrasive brushes is incorporated into metal finishing and conditioning processes and designed with precision and accuracy. The abrasive fibers meet the rigorous needs of titanium and stainless long-lasting finishing requirements and are manufactured with FDA-compliant materials. Tanis medical brush manufacturing is ISO 13485 certified, and our surgical instrument cleaning brushes are now allowed the CE mark. Tanis cleans and packages brushes to your requirements.

Tanis also supplies twisted nylon and abrasive nylon brushes to medical facilities for surgical instrumentation cleaning. Tiny micro brushes are made of a stainless steel stem wire and single spiral construction to provide reliability needed in critical cleaning applications. Filaments can be designed with a range of stiffness depending on cleaning needs. Filament staying power and overall less filament breakage minimizes particulate remains and ensures cleaning performance. Stem construction options can be machined for optimal control and grip to ensure accuracy in handheld applications.


  • Cleaning of trachea tubes
  • Cleaning of medical surgical instrumentation
  • Cleaning of dental instrumentation
  • Deburring cross-hole intersections in machined bodies


  • Cleaning of facilities
  • Cleaning of outside of instruments
  • Scrubbing of nails


  • Debris removal and cleaning internal bores on cast part
  • Finishing and polishing small inside diameter holes on machined parts


  • Dental implant polishing
  • Instrument polishing
  • Artificial joint polishing


If you haven't found what you need in our stock and standard brush offering, let us design a brush specifically for you.