Weather Stripping and Seal Brushes

Seals around doors and windows provide energy efficiency when controlling heated or cooled areas, while sealing out dust, light, untreated air and pests. Weather seal brushes and airflow management brushes seals are especially effective in many applications in automotive, aircraft, large machinery, industrial, recreational vehicles, computer and data cable management areas.

A weather stripping brushes seal can be designed straight, in rings with internal or external facing filament, helical shaped or uniquely formed to meet specific applications.

Nylon filaments, in a wide range of densities and trim shapes, outlast other vinyl, felt and neoprene seal products providing a longer-life cycle and durability even in extreme hot or cold temperatures. Polypropylene filaments provide a cost-effective alternative when the conditions allow. Choose a weather seal brush that was created with you in mind. A wide range of holder styles and profile shapes and fastening types provide mounting adaptability. Aluminum holders can be anodized or painted to match design requirements for weather stripping brushes you feel confident in. Flexible PVC backing provides adaptability for contouring around corners and irregular shapes and is an alternative to metal holders.


  • Sealing aircraft hanger doors, ramps and gates
  • Sealing docks and dock levelers
  • Sealing large gaps in commercial buildings
  • Dirt seals for air intake screens
  • Weather stripping around RV gaps
  • Sealing machinery from chips and debris
  • Improving thermal efficiency of buildings
  • Gap sealing and closeout
  • Dust control
  • Directing air flow
  • Providing a barrier against birds and pests


  • Guiding and sealing around cables
  • Door and window seals
  • Dust controlling
  • Debris protection around seating and consoles
  • Protection from sharp edges and parts in vehicles


If you haven't found what you need in our stock and standard brush offering, let us design a brush specifically for you.